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Is your hydro bill much higher than you expect? It’s likely because you have insufficient insulation installed in your home or business. If you notice that your walls or floors are cold to the touch during the winter, this is even stronger indication that you should have your insulation looked at.

Not only are your finances and personal comfort being compromised, but so too is the environment. Of course, it is always better to have insulation installed correctly from the beginning.

Unfortunately, that is no longer a possibility for many home-owners who may have overlooked it in the construction of their home. However, you need not worry because Drywall Aid has you covered. With over twenty years in the Insulation Toronto  industry, we are experts at installing insulation at any point in the life of your home.

It is always best to make sure the job is done correctly, especially if you are removing drywall to install the insulation. With the professional lead of John, our team will get the job done right and within budget.

There are several types of insulation that are commonly used in Canada. The more prominent ones include batt, loose-fill, board-stock, and spray insulation. Loose-fill and spray insulation are unique in that they are only able to be installed by professional contractors.

Here at Drywall Aid, we are experts at differentiating between different types of insulation and choosing the appropriate one(s) for the job at hand. It is also important to consider the R-value, which is a representation of a particular insulation’s resistance to heat flow. In other words, a high R-value corresponds with more effective insulation.

Trust Drywall Aid, the insulation Toronto contractor that has the experience and technique to keep you and your family comfortable year-round.

Due to significant reductions in heating and air conditioning costs, many of our clients see a substantial return on investment when having professional insulation installed in their home. Our highly trained team can provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate and consultation. We will help you understand which material is best suited for your project, and whether or not your home is losing much energy as a result of poor insulation. Call today to experience the difference that John and his team can make for you and your family.