Drywall mud requires technique and experience to apply appropriately, contrary to what many people believe. Often, clients believe that it is a simple process and attempt to do it themselves, wasting both time and money before they turn to us for help. There are a few key tricks that we typically use in our projects to create the perfect finish and feel that we have become known for. As a Toronto drywall mudding contractor, our clients who typically contract us for drywall work also rely on us for professional mud application.

While mud comes in several types, such as dry variety or pre-mixed, a common mistake made by people who want to do it themselves is that they do not know when to differentiate between the two in their project. In our projects, we use dry mud to seal in large holes or obscure dents in walls, floors, and ceilings. Since dry mud is fast setting, it allows us to patch small jobs rapidly and efficiently. Pre-mixed mud is considered the “traditional” type, and we use it in many of our projects that allow more time for application and drying. Clients can also be confused about the different subtypes of pre-mixed mud, and rely on us to choose the right type. Our clients appreciate that we have over twenty years in the drywall mud industry, and trust that we take the time to do a great job with the right materials.

Under the lead of John, our drywall teams are experts at applying drywall mud, and have extensive experience in Toronto. Our gallery on this page showcases our broad portfolio of drywall mud projects. If you are considering hiring a drywall mud contractor in Toronto, look no further. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience for a free estimate.