Drywall Hotel

Throughout our many years of services, Drywall Aid has completed dozens of hotel drywall installation projects in Toronto. Our work has helped hotels remain fashionable, modern, fresh, and most importantly, filled with happy customers. Clients that come to us for either new or renovation projects for their hotels typically aim to stay ahead of the competition and improve their overall business. We are proud to report that we have been successful with this endeavor, as many of our clients repeatedly return to us for their drywall needs. Quite often, when damage occurs to hotel walls, small timely repairs can help avoid more costly major projects down the road. Hotel clients are typically very quick in letting us know about damage to their walls, and we provide them with rapid and efficient service so that their business continues as normal. Over the years we have built lasting relationships with our hotel clients and we are proud of our reputation for fast, reliable, and quality hotel drywall installation.

For extensive hotel drywall projects, it is common for the hotel or a section of the hotel to be temporary closed as renovations take place. However, in our experience, due to the nature of the hotel business there tends to be a significant amount of drywall damage over time. Many of our projects involve surgically removing sections of drywall and installing new segments while being mindful to not disturb the hotel’s operations. Under the lead of John, our work is always of the highest integrity. We keep in mind that when our clients renovate their hotel, it is an investment in their future. It is our goal to minimize the disruption in hotel operations while maximizing quality and efficiency in our hotel drywall projects.

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