Plaster, also known as stucco or render, is essential in creating the elegant aesthetic seen in many finished ceilings. Stucco is more specifically a term often used for plaster when applied in a relief-type pattern (whipped cream or speckle design). Plaster is composed of specialized white powder that is then mixed with water to create a thick paste, which seems simple to apply. However, this could not be further from the truth. Plaster application requires highly trained and experienced individuals who are capable of not only applying it, but then molding it to form a specified design. We use a wealth of tools and materials that are specially designed to shape plaster desirably.

Not everyone is building for the first time, and we are quite accustomed to doing plaster repair projected in Toronto. Sometimes unforeseen damage may require the repair of plaster and the underlying drywall, or your home may just be older and worn down. Properly repairing plaster damage in interior walls and ceilings required a high degree of accuracy and skill. With John leading our professional plaster application team here at Drywall Aid, you are in great hands. Whether your job is a small repair or a larger endeavor, our broad experience in the Toronto plaster and stucco industry give us an edge on the competition.

A well done plaster application can significantly increase the value of a home. We guarantee the highest quality of workmanship as well as honesty and integrity in our services. It is very common that clients have their own designs in mind with specific requirements. We are experts are custom plaster design, and would love nothing more than to adhere to your requests. You will be pleasantly surprised at the elegant and lasting results our plaster application team can produce. Call today for a free estimate and consultation for your project.