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This family business story begins about eighty years ago, originating in Europe where our boss’s great grandfather was working as a plumber. During his hard-working career, he passed down his trade and work ethic to his son, who decided to explore another trade as a master electrician. This career proved to be quite a success, as even today he is still working hard in Canada with an ever-growing circle of friendly people surrounding him. His son John is the owner and operator of Drywall Aid, the Toronto drywall company that has been a major success and continues to grow in size and scope every day. John has a diverse background in business management, electrical engineering, construction estimating and interior design. This background has granted him a unique view of the industry, and allows him to apply his talents to provide superior drywall services and standards in Toronto. While John has contributed to Drywall Aid’s impeccable reputation as one of Toronto’s most reliable and versatile drywall contractors, he considers his son (pictured above) to be the boss of the company. With over twenty years of experience and hundreds of jobs within the company’s portfolio, Drywall Aid stands out as a drywall company that exceeds expectations time and time again.

Like those that lead our company, our drywall teams are hand selected and each member offers a unique array of experience, talent, and dedication. What truly allows us to stand apart as a leading Toronto drywall contractor is the professionalism that these men and women bring to each and every project. From planning to execution, we believe in treating each job with the time, effort, and quality materials it deserves.

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