Drywall Taping

Expand Your Knowledge (Extra Information):

As a primary ingredient to any drywall project, it’s important to understand what drywall tape actually is. Drywall tape is a thin layer of paper tape used in drywall installation that aids in the proper formation and solidification of drywall. It is used in conjunction with mudding before the application of plaster or compound in order to keep the edges and dimensions of the area being drywalled crisp and correct. Drywall taping is common practice in nearly all drywall projects and its correct use allows for seamless connection of drywall sheets. Drywall taping is a universally accepted technique in North America, and has proven time and time again to be effective. When snuggled safely between layers of drywall joint compound, drywall tape (which is very thin and paper-like) creates a strong physical bond between sheets of drywall that lie adjacent to each other. Although this special type of bond doesn’t do much in the way of aiding structural integrity, it does in fact do wonders in helping to reduce the movement and possibility of cracking gypsum. Drywall tape contributes greatly to the desired smooth finish that is often sought after by most clients.

Because the majority of houses built today are supported by wooden framing, they tend to shift and change position ever so slightly as the foundation settles. These changes may not seem obvious to the naked eye, but can cause drywall sheets (gypsum board) to crack and split as they adjust to the subtle shifts in the structure that is supporting them. This is where proper taping comes in, as this can be largely avoided with an experience drywall contractor. If you have specific questions about our drywall taping, please feel free to contact us.